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Expanding a Sword Making Firm

Viet Thai Consulting and Lanna Thai Armoury

In December Viet Thai completed our 1 year support and financing of Lanna Thai Armoury’s business expansion. Based in Thailand Lanna Thai manufactures custom, high end swords and accessories following traditional methods going back hundreds of years. Lanna Thai was struggling with the “how to” in their business. They had a very specialized product with very high margins, but did not have the network or the “go to market” capability. This was not something you could scale up on Etsy or eBay.

Viet Thai assisted with the development of a business plan, an infusion of capital to allow some equipment and construction upgrades. We then assisted with the marketing which saw Lanna Thai expand sales dramatically. Sales grew significantly and Lanna Thai now has orders bookings 6 months in advance.

Viet Thai has now set Lanna Thai Armoury on its way and are here to help should they need further support. As the production manger said “I never thought we would see sales become so steady and booked so far in advance. This really helps us to make an even better product with no rush or panics in our process”

Talk to us at Viet Thai talk about your business.

We can help.

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