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Viet-Thai Exits Russia

Viet Thai Consulting operates globally and follows our own ethical and legal policies. This means we operate within both legal and ethical guides that do not turn a blind eye to injustice, and do not operate with elasticity to principles when profits or access to markets are affected. There was a time when leaders of business operated this way and sadly there are fewer leaders out there today. Viet Thai recognize what is termed bullying today as is seen more and more on a global scale.

Viet Thai has exited Russia completely with all operations, sales, services, and shipments suspended as at the start of the invasion.

Viet Thai has exited Myanmar completely with all operations, sales, services, and shipments suspended in 2021 post the coup d'état by the Tatmadaw—Myanmar's military.

Viet Thai recognizes Taiwan as an independent country and not a renegade state of China. If this means we do less business in China then so be it. China companies lose our expertise if our position on Taiwan is a problem.

There are many opportunities do conduct business in the world and to do so profitably. The board of directors at Viet Thai's principle, EMU Plastics Canada, are clear however that doing business shall be done under the rule of law, with a foundation of ethical and moral principles. Business and profits matter however as it has been said “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” We operate to help people make the world a better place and, most importantly, add real value to our daily lives. Our principles ask the question, “is what we are doing going to help people and make things better for people 100 years from now”

So for business leaders out there, take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself am I operating my business on sustainable ethical grounds that I can tell my mother, my children and anyone else about without a moment’s hesitation. If my actions were tweeted or on the front page of a newspaper, would I be proud or would I be explaining them?

It is that simple.

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